Industrial Part Repair Services

Do you have a damaged part that is no longer available from the OEM? Did your company have an equipment failure that resulted in damage to your machine or tooling components? Flare can help get you back up and running sooner!

Flare knows well that in a production environment things happen quickly and mistakes can cause costly downtime. Flare offers rapid turnaround repair services on even the most difficult or seemingly impossible damaged items. The expert staff of machinists and welders can repair almost any damaged part with precision and speed, getting you back up in production as quick as possible. Check out the gallery below with examples of damages parts Flare was able to repair quickly and with the utmost quality! With a quick repair turnaround time and a knowledgeable staff, Flare can help you reduce your costly downtime which helps you save and make more money.

If Flare determines your part cannot be repaired, or if the repair would prove to be too costly, the talented engineering staff can reverse engineer the unrepairable part and offer a quote to produce a new part at a reduced lead time. Often times if a part cannot be repaired and the OEM does not have a replacement part in stock, Flare can offer expedited manufacturing services to get you the part you need as quickly as possible.

Flare has a solution for every machining need. Our multi-faceted services include machining fixtures, prototypes, special equipment, repair parts and short-run production, to name a few.