General Machining

Flare offers multi-faceted machining services for virtually any part which can be designed. If a print or 3D model already exists, Flare can take that information and produce the part to exacting specifications at a reasonable cost. If a 3D model does not exist, but an old hand drawn or 2D print does, Flare’s staff of talented engineers and designers will create a 3D model and new print for production purposes. Not only do you get a precision machined part, you get an updated electronic copy of an old print.

Flare staff treats each customer as a partner in business and strives to help both the customer and Flare succeed with increased profits. Flare staff willingly offers feedback on parts based on the numerous years of experience in a variety of industries. If we can help by offering knowledge gained through experience that can allow for lower costs in fabrication or if a design will not fit the requirements of the end use, we want to help in any way we can!

Flare has a solution for every machining need. Our multi-faceted services include machining fixtures, prototypes, special equipment, repair parts and short-run production, to name a few.