Professional design services are accomplished through the latest version of Solidworks Professional. Flare can help design anything from simple part assembly fixtures to complex multi faceted automation and assembly equipment. With experience and knowledgeable staff, taking a project from idea to reality can be a profitable and pleasant experience.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering services of old or current parts can be accomplished through the vast array of measuring and inspecting equipment Flare has in house. Regardless of whether you would like an old part reproduced or would like to make an improvement to a current part, Flare can help create a 3D model and production print. Flare has a 2021 Hexagon Global S Green CMM with a work envelope of 34” x 78” x 32” with a multi-position scanning probe that allows access to 5 sides of a part in a single setup. By leveraging the high accuracy measuring capabilities of the CMM, parts can be reverse engineered quickly and accurately, even on freeform and complex geometries.

In order to keep up with the ever changing and more complex designs new manufacturing technology allows, Flare also keeps current with the latest version of MasterCam for complex geometry programming for machining purposes. With the availability of in house 5-axis machining capabilities.

Flare can design parts and fixtures that simplify the end user experience by leveraging benefits of multi-axis machining.

Flare has a solution for every machining need. Our multi-faceted services include machining fixtures, prototypes, special equipment, repair parts and short-run production, to name a few.