Professional design services are accomplished through the latest version of Solidworks Professional. Flare can help design anything from simple part assembly fixtures to complex multi faceted automation and assembly equipment. With experience and knowledgeable staff, taking a project from idea to reality can be a profitable and pleasant experience.


General Machining

Flare offers multi-faceted machining services for virtually any part which can be designed. If a print or 3D model already exists, Flare can take that information and produce the part to exacting specifications at a reasonable cost. If a 3D model does not exist, but an old hand drawn or 2D print does, Flare’s staff of talented engineers and designers will create a 3D model and new print for production purposes.


Industrial Repair

Do you have a damaged part that is no longer available from the OEM? Did your company have an equipment failure that resulted in damage to your machine or tooling components? Flare can help get you back up and running sooner!

Flare has a solution for every machining need. Our multi-faceted services include machining fixtures, prototypes, special equipment, repair parts and short-run production, to name a few.